EDMUND TIE and ONE RHT to collaborate on digital asset and ESG solutions for real estate

Edmund Tie and RHT MoU PR

EDMUND TIE and ONE RHT to collaborate on digital asset and ESG solutions for real estate

Seated, from left: Desmond Sim, CEO of EDMUND TIE; Azman Jaafar, Managing Partner of RHTLaw Asia; and Jayaprakash Jagateesan, CEO of RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings. Standing, from left: Christopher Ng, COO of EDMUND TIE; and Wee Boon Siong, CEO of RHT Green.

Singapore, 24 September 2021 – EDMUND TIE has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with ONE RHT to collaborate, produce and manage innovative digital asset solutions for real estate corporate fundraising. 

The parties will also explore opportunities to create optionalities for real estate project owners across en-bloc developments, property management, as well as environmental and sustainability adjacencies through the application of novel technology and innovative solutions. 

The MoU underscores EDMUND TIE’s commitment to adding value to its real estate consultancy through strong and meaningful partnerships with professional services and technology players that can drive growth alongside its clients. The MoU is also aligned with the greening of Singapore’s real estate. 

The collaboration builds on the growing momentum of real estate tokenisation amidst the increasing adoption of digital assets and blockchain in Singapore and beyond. Together with EDMUND TIE, One RHT will apply its integrated solutions in relevant real estate transaction use cases. 

Desmond Sim, Chief Executive Officer at EDMUND TIE, said, “Tokenisation continues to gain traction in the real estate sector as it has the potential to bring a new world of real estate investment featuring increased choice and flexibility for all stakeholders. Leveraging on the complimentary established structures of both firms will not only allow ONE RHT and EDMUND TIE to collaborate on real estate opportunities, but the partnership will also further diversify EDMUND TIE’s product and service offerings to our valued clients as well as expand our client base. As more and more technology-backed real estate projects come to fruition, we expect that real estate investment will be invigorated by increased investor access to quality property assets.” 

Jayaprakash Jagateesan, Chief Executive Officer of RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings, said, “Our partnership opens exciting new possibilities as we unlock the immense potential of real estate tokenisation with next-gen digital solutions. We combine our expertise across corporate and digital finance, blockchain, sustainability, and intellectual property to deliver integrated consultancy and tokenisation services that will support EDMUND TIE’s innovation strategy.” 

The ONE RHT ecosystem of legal and professional services consists of RHTLaw Asia LLP (“RHTLaw Asia”) and the RHT Group of Companies (“RHT”). Under the MoU, RHTLaw Asia shall provide legal, regulatory, tax and compliance related advice in relation to real estate transactions. 

RHT will advise EDMUND TIE on the workings, considerations and opportunities of digital asset origination, structuring, distribution, tokenisation, investor relations, public relations, as well as intellectual property protection and commercialisation. In addition, RHT’s team of sustainability consultants will also advise on value creation strategies and ESG solutions across property management and real estate development. 

The MoU partners will jointly ideate and explore collaboration on potential products and solutions that serve EDMUND TIE’s identified priorities and deliver long-term strategies for sustainable and innovative real estate solutions. 


EDMUND TIE is a full-service, real estate consulting firm with more than 400 skilled professionals in the region. It is headquartered in Singapore and supported by offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of agency and professional services including investment advisory, business space and retail, residential agency, auction and sales, valuation advisory, statutory valuation and property tax advisory, research and consulting, property management and hospitality management. For more information, please visit www.etcsea.com. 


ONE RHT is an ecosystem of legal and professional services, respectively provided by RHTLaw Asia LLP and RHT Group of Companies. ONE RHT seeks to be a beacon of growth for its clients, stakeholders and communities, empowering them to achieve purposeful growth in Asia. 

RHTLaw Asia offers a different perspective on client experience and commercial thinking. As a leading regional law firm headquartered in Singapore, clients can expect intelligent and innovative solutions from a team that is attuned to the nuances of doing business in Asia and beyond. 

RHT Group of Companies offers multidisciplinary professional services with teams across digital financial services, corporate finance and sponsorship, governance risk and compliance, consulting and advisory, sustainability, wealth and asset management, real estate advisory, as well as events, training and development. 

RHT Group of Companies is not an affiliate, branch or subsidiary of RHTLaw Asia LLP nor a Singapore law practice, and is not authorised to provide legal advice. RHTLaw Asia LLP is a Singapore law practice separately registered as a limited liability law partnership in Singapore.