Project Highlights

Project Highlights

RHT Group of Companies (RHT) and PSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in August 2021, with the objective of exploring co-creation and investment in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) digital assets solutions to further advance PSA’s goals of decarbonisation in ports and supply chains.

RHT Green’s team of sustainability consultants and the team at PSA worked together to identify appropriate supply chain sustainability projects for impact investments, as well as to develop a green investment framework. Impact investments are targeted investments which generate a measurable positive ESG impact, together with a financial return. One example of impact investment that generates measurable ESG benefits and positive financial return is the purchase of e-RTG (electric Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes) by PSA.

RHT Green advises PSA and the project team on establishing evaluation indicators and data collection from various points, with a consistent standard. RHT Green’s consultants developed formulas and subsequently calculated the project’s environmental impact. The environmental impact is quantified as the project’s ESG score, based on the green fund’s framework and will be used to review each project’s ESG achievement and the green fund.

Prior to PSA’s journey in ESG valuation of supply chain sustainability projects for impact investments, RHT Green conducted a series of ESG training workshops for project representatives from PSA Singapore, PSA Marine, Cargo Solutions and Group Civil Engineering in Jan 2022.  The  workshop aimed to equip participants with skills to identify and quantify the ESG value of their projects. The team of consultants at RHT Green introduced the PSA project leads to leading ESG methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint Quantification (GHG Protocol), which are recognised by the industry.

We are delighted to receive positive feedback from the workshop participants. They cited that through the sessions, they had gained a holistic overview of the sustainability assessment framework and now understand the basis for ESG valuation of any project. The team at RHT Green continues to work closely with PSA, towards achieving their goal to transform supply chains while driving sustainable value creation.

RHT Green is collaborating with its clients to encourage more impact investments to drive sustainable value chain creation and to accelerate abatement of carbon in the supply chain ecosystem.


In my last four years of going through the Sustainability Report, I've learnt the most with much clarity from the robust discussion I had with Shan Manli and Jeffrey Zhang, sustainability consultants at RHT Green, this year. Personally, I've also come to appreciate sustainability even more with a greater awareness towards climate change and the need for more actions by the current generation to adopt in order for the future generations to enjoy Mother Earth. The developments in the past year especially pertaining to the weather phenomenon taking place all over the world (and Singapore is not spared either), have woken me up to the reality that as an individual if I do not do something now for my family, then it would be very selfish of me just to think of the present and let the future generation take care of themselves. It is this innate feeling that drives this passion in me towards sustainable living not, only for me but for the community and business as well.

I hope going forward, my colleagues within the Chasen Group would begin to see the light on sustainability and the importance of taking steps to rise up to a sustainable business future. In the near term, it would be my responsibility, with the support of my team members to further the sustainability agenda to the BOD, senior management and business units’ leaders. Hopefully, the sustainability message will be cascaded down to the office staff and general workers and over time, slowly and progressively, everyone shall embrace sustainability knowing that it is important for them and the future generations to come.
Francis Ang
Facilities, EHS & Training Manager Chasen Holdings Limited